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My first CD as a leader, composed and arranged entirely by myself!  Featuring Oran Etkin on reeds, Vinnie Sperrazza on drums, Nick Russo on guitars, and Jason Sypher on upright bass.  Check out the Audio page to hear samples, the Press/Reviews page to see what the critics say, and visit CD Baby to purchase a digital or physical copy.  

Some of the albums I've been on as a sideman

I've been privileged to record with a number of great groups throughout the years.  On some of these albums I only appear on a few songs; some, like Nation Beat and Brain Cloud are projects to which I devoted a tremendous amount of energy and of which I'm very proud.  


Sarah Alden:Fists of Violets:  I love playing with Sarah; she's always energetic and exciting and full of soul.  We recorded this album over one night, in her beautiful apartment, all sitting in one room.  In between takes we drank her great coffee and ate her delicious food.  Best recording session ever.  


Brain Cloud: I've been playing in Dennis Lichtman's band for about four years now; we've had a weekly gig for about that long.  Come see us every Monday at Barbes, and pick up our first two albums, "Brain Cloud" and "Outside Looking In."  I'm particularly proud of the work I did on "Outside Looking In" not only as a performer but also as editor, engineer, and co-producer.  

Nation Beat:  Nation Beat was the first band I played with in NYC, and I ended up being with them for eight years.  Scott Kettner remains a great friend and an inspiration to me and I couldn't be prouder of how that band developed and continues to do so.  We did our first album in Brazil in 2005, then another one in 2007 on Modiba Records which featured the Klezmatics and other guest artists, and then our third, Growing Stone, right here in Brooklyn.  Make sure to keep an eye on this band and on Scott in the future!


Miss Tess:  I played in Tess' band for about a year, hit the road with them pretty hard, and loved every minute of it.  Tess is the real thing--talented singer and songwriter, smoking guitarist, and incredible all-around person and musician.  I got to play some unique venues with Tess, from theaters opening for Eilen Jewell to tattoo parlors in Fort Lauderdale.  She calls her sound "Modern Vintage" and I think it's a perfect term for her blend of old and new, country and rockabilly, swing and folk.  I was lucky enough to be on two albums with Tess, a live one recorded at the RegattaBar in Boston, "Live Across the Mason-Dixon Line" and a studio one on which I did some overdubbing, "Sweet Talk."

Michaela Anne:  Michaela is a great up and coming singer/songwriter.  Playing with her scratches my itch to play that kind of music.  This album was recorded at Atlantic Sound in Brooklyn, which is where I ended up making my album because it was so beautiful to be sitting there recording while staring out at the East River bridges.  Second best recording session ever.

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