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I just felt compelled to write as I looked at my calendar page and thought, "Hmm, I don't seem busy this summer...." Well, I'm not!  Not particularly, anyway; some wedding and party gigs, a few public shows, but mostly I intend to spend this summer hanging out with my wife and new baby (Leila Violet) and working on material for a new album which I plan on recording in the fall.  It's going to focus less on improvisation than my current one, Fretless, and more on composition and arranging.  And while I will use a core rhythm section for most tracks, I will incorporate other instruments as well, which I didn't do on my first disc.  I've already gotten some really good ideas down and I have been listening to a ton of all different kinds of music--Cuban son, Trad Jazz, Modern Jazz, Alt. Rock, Late Romantic/Early Modern Classical, and even Mexican Narcocorridos (full disclosure--my wife and I started watching Breaking Bad so that is actually what I'll probably spend most of my summer doing.  But even that is inspiring to me--the way the episodes are structured, the way the plot unfolds from season to season in this drawn-out but gripping way is very much like the way some of my favorite albums are created, where each song has a unique character but also a relationship to the album as a whole). 


So in summation, if you want to see me this summer, come to Barbes every Monday, come to Bar 4 on August 15th, or come to my house and watch my write songs/change diapers/knock out episodes of Breaking Bad!  And stay tuned for updates on my new project!

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